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Texas Virtual offers a vast knowledge and experience in developing Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, 2D animation, 3D animation, 3D modeling services.


Texas Virtual creates powerful immersive experiences for clients looking to break the monotony of their routine business plans by leveraging VR technology. One of our goals is to continually raise the bar when it comes to blurring the line between the virtual world and reality and create and deliver vivid, engaging solutions across the extended reality continuum. Concept, design, programming and development is all done in-house to create a deployable client application. Our clients are able to use devices like Oculus Rift to explore endless possibilities. Imagine training safely in a virtual room prior to applying your skills in a real-world environment. Your employees will gain a higher level of success and safety with virtual training.


Texas Virtual excels in the development of augmented reality applications.  We animate every element and breath life into your designs that can transform ideas into flawless digital solutions. Our Augmented Reality apps enable you to experience an enhanced version of reality in the physical realm of the real world.  By using your own smart phone or mobile tablet, you can create your own mini virtual world with a single mobile application to witness the perfect blend of the real and virtual world. We merge enhanced data with visual information learning and explore the present world around us. 


Texas Virtual designs Mixed Reality applications for educational, safety, industrial, and proof of concept applications. Oculus, Realwear, Holo Lens deliver divers user experiences. Texas Virtual develops and tailors to clients end user needs helping deliver greater ROI. 


Texas Virtual work with clients to create 3D models for prototyping, 3D printing, stress analysis, or manufacturing. All Texas Virtual model development is done in house keeping clients information confidential and proprietary to our clients. While outsourcing maybe tempting to ill-advised people we at Texas Virtual does not cut corners. Texas Virtual keeps all development confidential and behind multiple layers of encryption & firewalls.


Texas Virtual offers concept development liaison services. Businesses or Individuals have great ideas but do not have the knowledge or experience in App development. Texas Virtual with years of experience guides clients thru the concept to production milestones saving time and money avoiding costly mistakes.


Texas Virtual creatively develops using 2D and 3D visualization because it is a flexible and effective way for displaying and advertising a product. To do that we work closely with clients to animate their thoughts and ideas into visual delight. We turn scribbles on napkins or blue prints into amazing 2D or 3D animations.  We are constantly developing our skills to develop the highest level of qualification and competence of our 3D artists.

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